“Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.

‘Budtland Commission of The United Nations, 20 March 1987’

 XFLAM has the credentials in five major categories for materials used in construction to deliver the best cladding envelope for Green Building ratings.

Reuse of Materials

XFLAM panel is supplied in a standard 1200mm width module complete with an interlocking slip joint. The panel does not deteriorate with age and can be removed from wall or ceiling constructions for reuse where required.

Recycled Materials

Unused product recovered from manufacturing, construction sites, or from end of life buildings is introduced back into the Xflam manufacturing process to present a finished product which includes recycled materials. As the availability of used material increases alternative versions of Xflam will be available with differing levels of recycled content.

Fit For Purpose

The remarkable properties of XFLAM ensure longevity of service and with this feature comes strength to withstand common threats to building stability.

  • FIRE: Steel skins in combination with a fire resistant insulation act to confine fires and resist spread through a building.
  • WEATHER: The strongest panel on the market offers designers the ability to produce cyclone resistant buildings.
  • EARTHQUAKES: The low mass of XFLAM panel coupled with the naturally high bracing ability reduces forces generated by ground accelerations on connections throughout the structure.
  • USABLE LIFE: The insulation value of XFLAM does not change with time. The XFLAM foam structure contains only air as the natural insulant and therefore the deterioration common with foams containing higher molecular weight gasses is eliminated with XFLAM.


XFLAM panel comprises the XFLAM insulation core sandwiched between steel skins. The steel is fully recyclable, being returned to the mill for re-melting. XFLAM insulation is fully recovered and added to virgin material to produce recycled content material.

End of Life

Ultimately all buildings have an economic life and will be replaced to fit changing requirements of the owners. XFLAM panel from END OF LIFE buildings can either be reused for a new structure or fully rendered down for recycling. This applies to all of the components used for the panel installation ensuring zero waste contribution by XFLAM panel.


  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
  • Global GreenTag

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